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Thinkable Desktop Studio

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A part of the Tangible Thinking System for Creative Work.

Founder, Designer & Near-Futurist

Sanjiv Sirpal

Something had changed.

My mind was fragmented. I didn’t know why. But it felt like something important was missing. I couldn’t find my groove. I had so many ideas I wanted to get out. But there wasn’t enough time or there was always something else to do. I was frustrated and I was struggling to get ideas out. 

What was once easy, was now hard. 

I went on a journey to find out why, and what I found out surprised me. Both my mind and my thinking were outdated - they weren't built for this technology distracting world.

So I decided to design something that would keep me focused and distraction free. It was right under my nose, a system I had been using my entire design practice.

Three years later, and its finally here.

Designed in Oakville, Ontario. | Patent-pending.

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