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Founder & Studio

Founder & Studio

Founder & Studio

Sanjiv Sirpal

Founder, Designer & Near-Futurist

Sanjiv Sirpal, has shaped and shipped products to millions. He considers himself the opposite of an award-winning designer. He operates at the intersection of unknowns, and the boundaries of what’s not possible. It's what let him achieve the unthinkable.

"I’ve used tangible thinking in everything I've designed. From day one, at architecture school, to designing digital products and smart devices that were shipped to millions. 

Tangible Thinking is based on my Design OS. It distills years of design practice and studio methods into simple techniques that can be applied to any creative endeavour."

See more of his work at Plstic Studio

Design Composer & Conductor

Designer + Near-Futurist

My superpower is to bring others to new places. I've led the design across multiple Zero-to-One products - leading to hundreds of patents. In each project I've led the design vision, teams & processes.

Design Speaker + Mentor

Design Talks

I've been fortunate to have given design talks at some of the largest companies in the world.

I have limited availability for talks. Inquire to book a session.