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It is like the "Atomic Habits" of creative thinking.
I had never come across anyone else who utilized index cards in this way, and then elevated it to a whole new level.
Love the creativity vs productivity distinctions and the paradox of thinking differently!

Digital Minimalism + Analog Instruments

Learn the Art of Tangible Thinking

The masterclass introduces you to a new way of thinking that is more flexible and adaptable to our modern world.

It’s centred on making your thoughts and ideas tangible using analog instruments and design practices that design studios around the world have been using for years.

"We have been disrupted by technology and our minds haven’t been able to keep up."

This course teaches you everything you need to know, to decode your thoughts, and to transform your ideas. It’s a blueprint for how to think about your thinking process. 

“You become what you think.” 

What your think today, determines what you become tomorrow.

We‘ll teach everything you need to know - all you need to do is bring a pen and a piece of paper (index cards!) and a desire to learn.

What you'll learn.

  1. Overcome technology distractions
  2. Understand the value of creativity (to your wellness)
  3. Free your mind by (from habit forming distractions)
  4. Adopt a mindset that lets you flow with thoughts
  5. Learn to use friction free ways to capture your ideas
  6. Incubate your ideas using proven design practices
  7. Learn when to harvest your ideas
  8. Learn when to switch between creativity and productivity

Your Creativity + Design OS

Together we’ll unlock your Creativity + Design OS. Everyone has one. We just don’t let it come out to play.

You’ll learn how to be more creative, have better ideas, and build things that matter.

If you’re a Designer, Creator, Writer, Artist or Thinker then you’ll want to take this free course.

I’m pretty sure that covers everyone.

So what are you waiting for? Subscribe now, and get instant access.

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Keith Christopher Hampson, PhD

Thought Leader | Education, Media, and Markets

Information has become mere noise - leading to ever-greater levels of distraction. What we’re missing - and need now more than ever - is a set of tools and processes that enable us to THINK clearly and thoughtfully. Tangible Thinking is the only model I’ve found that helps me produce the ideas that lead to significant gains in both my life and work

Raoul Flaminzeanu | hiraoul.com

Product and Organizational Design Consultant

Working in tech innovation, I thought I had creativity figured out. But I was stuck in a loop of the same ideas. Thinkable changed that. It cleared my mind and sparked a genuine excitement for creativity and playfulness in my work. If you're looking for a fresh creative burst, give it a try.

Gerry W

Entrepreneur & Archaeologist

I had a very long one-to-one with Sanj and am a strong supporter of Tangible Thinking because it helps me separate creating from producing and gives me the tools to work better and smarter especially when being creative. Thinkable is brilliant and fascinating!

Jefferson St John

Talent Acquisition Lead | Procreate

Tangible Thinking is a framework, philosophy and way of life that is designed to allow your creative energy to flow in abundance. It's a tool that helps you slow down, cut the noise, sort your ideas, create new ones and connect information together in deep and meaningful ways.

Mo Selim

Staff UX Design Manager | Google

Thinkable has helped me increase my creativity and improve my focus by removing distractions and getting me back to what made me love design in the first place. I've worked with Sanj for years and always been amazed at the clarity he can bring to the most complicated spaces. He's done it again with Thinkable. This is an amazing opportunity to learn from one of the best in the business.

Bjorn Dawson

Product Lead | Shopify

One of Sanj's greatest strengths is his ability to tell a clear story through his designs. He is able to distill complex information into a simple, easy-to-understand narrative that makes the user experience seamless and enjoyable. His creativity and attention to detail always resulted in strong design concepts that not only looked great but also functioned flawlessly.